7 Steps to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers


Instagram basically is a mobile app that allows you to share your pictures on the internet. Though you can find various other similar apps but this photo-sharing platform has become extremely popular since its launching in 2010. Today this platform is used by more than 700 million people all over the world that are active every month. However some of the Instagram account holders want to get more followers.

Main reason of searching for more followers is to improve traffic towards their website so that they can monetize their photos posted on this platform. Any increase in the number of followers can also increase the chances of making money from the photos. You can get more Instagram followers in few simple steps like:

Step 1: Know the purpose of your Instagram account

First of all you should know the reason of opening your account with Instagram. If the purpose of opening this account of purely social then you can proceed towards your next step but if your goal is to improve your business then you will have to set your marketing goals before using this platform as most of its followers normally follow the brands they trust on. The goals set by you will help you in implementing the other steps discussed here under. In Instagram, the number of followers of your products and services can help you in improving your business.

Step 2: Design an engaging profile

While opening your Instagram account you should first of all create a profile the can attract as well as keep the viewers engaged. Along with your attractive photo you should provide complete information about you including your name and the name of your profile etc. If you already have an Instagram account  then you can edit it anytime to change your information to make it more attractive for the followers. It can help in getting automatic Instagram follower.

Step 3: Develop a strategy for your content

When you know about your goal then it will be easier for you to make your content more attractive and effective. Content is the medium allowed by Instagram to provide information about your product. It can be in the form of visuals, text or audios. The type of content you will create you will receive that kind of followers. Suppose your content is focused on a specific category of audience then you will also get most of the followers from that category along with few others. But if it is focuses randomly then you will also get careless followers that may or may not care for you and your products. So you should develop a strategy to make a good content to get more followers on Instagram.

Step 4: Post attention grabbing photos

The photos you post on your Instagram account should be stunning and engaging to increase the number of your followers. So before posting photos on this photo-sharing platform you should build a collection of amazing and wonderful photos. You can create a visual story for your followers as visuals are more effective than texts. You can also create a unique layout of shapes and patterns for this purpose.

Step 5: Add long captions to the images posted by you

While sharing photos people usually overlook this tactic to attract the attentions of the viewers. Instagram allows you to use up to 2,200 characters to write a caption. You can write a valuable caption by collecting several related photos in a post. People are more likely to comment on an interesting and long caption of an image.

Step 6: Add hashtags strategically

The easiest way to grow your followers on Instagram is the right use of hashtags. The right use of hashtags can improve the chances of your visibility as people usually move around the hashtags to get more and more information about you. They occasionally click from one hashtag to the other then to the other until they get an interesting Instagram account holder. But you should create really noticeable hashtags for instance #selfie or #happy etc. as such things can make your post more noticeable for your followers.

Step 7: Create a schedule for posting your photos

If you want to get more followers on Instagram then you will have to post on your account regularly. You should post at least 1-2 videos or photos as well as 5-10 stories every day on your Instagram account to get more and more followers on this platform.