iPhone 9 and others on Pre-order by Romanian Carrier


Ahead of the Apple’s event, someone put the device on pre-orders. This preorder site is from Romania. The site is Quick Mobile. You can get the devices just after they get the stock just after the launch. The devices on the preorder are iPhone 9, iPhone XS and XS Plus.

The LCD variant device might be the LCD-type display, whereas the other models with XS have OLED panels in it.

Also, they have made a clear assumption of the internal storage. On their website, iPhone 9 is listed to have only 64GB internal or 256GB internal storage. However, the XS variant has 64GB, with 128GB and 512GB already.

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In fact, they also have some color variants. These include only Black and White, however, the bright colored panel is not present right now.

Most probably, the owner might have the device on sale, so that the users can get the device as soon as possible to just after the even.

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Apple is going to hold the Gather Round Conference in San Fransisco. There Apple will unveil the official iPhone devices.

Source: Stufitup via Apple Insight.