Open Beta 1 for OnePlus 6 is now out


Today OnePlus released its Open Beta 1 update for OnePlus 6. If you are a OnePlus user you can feel the new OxygenOS coming with the update.

But wait. Before switching to the Beta channel, you need to keep two things in mind.

First, although Android 9.0 is out with stable build already, the Open Beta 1 has some skinning over the official build, which itself is in Beta. Also, some of the apps don’t work properly at all. For example Google Pay. Also, Downloading apps from Play Store gives you a Warning Message saying this device is not certified by Google.

Second, since Open Beta 1 is a beta software, you will experience bugs, definitely. Now if you face any major bug, you have to roll back to Oreo, wiping out your internal storage completely.

And you hate to download everything again, you should by now, since this beta update isn’t your cup of tea.

Source: Android Authority

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