Bixby Button can Soon be Deactivated on your Galaxy Note 9


If you are accidently launching Bixby on your Galaxy Note 9, you’re not alone. The Note 9’s keys are more sensitive than its predecessor. Because of this, you are more likely to press Bixby button, even if you don’t need it.

What’s worse though, is that there’s no option to disable the Bixby button. However, that could change by the end of this month, according to Samsung Germany.

A twitter user complained about the Bixby key. To which Samsung Germany replied that “deactivation of the Bixby button on lock screen should return until end of September.” It’s unclear why ‘lockscreen’ is mentioned here but we hope that Galaxy Note 9 users will be able to completely disable Bixby.

Maybe Samsung did this deliberately to ‘force’ users to try Bixby, even though accidently. And we wouldn’t be surprised if that is indeed the case, as the Galaxy Note 9 comes with version 2.0 of Bixby Voice.

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