Apple to Replace Defective iPhone 8 Logic Board for Free


It seems that there’s a problem with the Logic Board on the iPhone 8. Even though we haven’t seen widespread reports, Apple is still acknowledging the problem by opening a Logic Board Replacement Program.

Apple says that “a very small percentage” of phones sold between September 2017 and March 2018 have a manufacturing defect that can lead to restarts, freezes or a failure to start.

This doesn’t apply to the iPhone 8 Plus or any other model. iPhone 8 owners can check Apple’s website to see of their device is impacted or not. If it is, Apple will replace the phone for free. The replacement program will be in force for three years from the first retail of the device,  and doesn’t extend its warranty.

Check if your iPhone 8 is damaged or not here – iPhone 8 Logic Board Replacement Program.