Hitman 2 will feature locations from prequel


Warner Bros. will launch Hitman 2 pretty soon. The expected date of the launch of November 13. 2018. Hitman series from the beginning has a quite simple rule. Stay Hidden and complete missions. You may even have to go through different outfits, just to hide from certain people, even from the target. Most decisions have their own outcomes, so choose wisely is the option.

Back in 2016, Hitman was launched. I am not talking about the Hitman Series.  This game is completely different. It has numerous environments. With numerous levels of difficulty, you have to become a perfect assassin.

Today at Gamescom 2018, Warner Bros announced that Hitman Legacy Pack will be available for existing users for free. All the six locations will be available to play. This pack will be available as a DLC.

Hitman 2 story revolves around the Shadow client who asked his handler Diana Burnwood, to kill certain targets. This time, Agent 47 will go on a rage and will reveal the client once for all.

There will be a special Co-Op mission available to those who pre-ordered the Hitman 2: Gold Edition and Hitman 2: Collector’s Edition. The game will be available to play on November 19, just before the official launch date.

Source: Windows Central

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