Future iPhones Could Feature Apple Pencil Support


The best part of the year has started and manufacturers are ready to launch their flagship phones in the second part of 2018. We saw Samsung launch its powerful Galaxy Note 9 last week and now, it’s time for Apple iPhones and Google Pixels to do their things.

Regarding Apple, the upcoming 6.1 inch LCD iPhone could start at a price of around $699 to $749. This has been quoted by an industry analysis done by TrendForce. This pricing strategy is the result of competition from Chinese brands like Huawei expanding their market shares globally. Brands like Huawei and even OnePlus  offer high performance at affordable prices.

Three New iPhones This Year

As we said earlier, there will be three new iPhones this year. Two 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch OLED models and a 6.1 inch ‘budget’ LCD model. All these will look like iPhone X, which means they’ll have FaceID and a bezel-less display.

iPhone 2018 TrendForce
Image : TrendForce

The LCD model could be positioned Apple’s main product of the year, with a production share of around 50% in 2018 iPhones. As for the new OLED models, TrendForce expects the 5.8-inch device will have a lower starting price of $899 to $949. Meanwhile, the upcoming 6.5-inch device will target the “premium business segment” with a starting price of $999.

Galaxy Note Competitor?

In addition to all of this, TrendForce believes that Apple could introduce a 512 GB storage variant for the OLED models. There might be Apple Pencil support as well.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously suggested that Apple Pencil support for future iPhones is a possibility.  Although he doesn’t believe iPhones will support Apple Pencil until 2019 at the earliest.

Cheaper iPhones

Apple is also said to be bargaining with it supply chain partners. The company wants partners to reduce the cost of components. Especially those which have been used in earlier generations of iPhone. Some reports even claim that Apple wants Samsung to reduce the price of its OLED display to cut the cost of its future iPhone X models.

If Apple manages to cut the price for display and other components, the savings could potentially be passed on to the customers. RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani believes the second-generation iPhone X will start at $899, down from $999.

TrendForce believes that manufacturers are assembling the two OLED models since late July. While the assembly of the LCD models is scheduled for mid-September. Apple is expected to launch the trio of new iPhones in September.

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