Huawei P20 Pro gradient colors will be introduced at IFA


This year we saw many wonderful smartphones. Ranging from Galaxy S9/S9+ to Galaxy Note 9. This list also includes the OnePlus 6. Now, Huawei will launch their Huawei P20 Pro with some gradient colors at IFA 2018, this year.  This year Huawei launched P20 Pro, the first smartphone to feature a Triple Camera setup. The current color variants have taken over the market.  This has become so popular that Huawei will continue to experiment with colors.

At Richard Yu’s Keynote at IFA 2018, Huawei will unveil P20 Pro with some more gradient colors. However, the color variant names have been hidden by Android Authority, but below is what they describe the color be like:

Huawei P20 Pro Color 1:

The first color is inspired by the night sky and the aurora borealis. It uses a wider color gamut than the twilight P20 Pro gradient but shares some of the same colors. Starting at black on the left, it uses a gradient to transition towards turquoise at the right of the phone, and includes the purple and blue hues found on the twilight P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro Color 2:

The second color is inspired by the sea, and that which lies beneath it, including sea shells and pearls. Rather than a striking contrast like the other gradient colors, it is predominantly white with subtle hints of yellow and pink. It’s very similar to the Rose Gold regular P20, which features a gradient from white to pink, albeit this version is subtler and more understated.

For now, the names and the images aren’t online. But you will see them for real two weeks later at IFA 2018.

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