AT&T Premium Setup and Delivery

A great way to get your device and have it set up that day


What is this AT&T Premium Setup and Delivery?

With the advent of the internet and online shopping it has become common place to order most things you need online. A product I rarely hear about people getting shipped to their house is their phone; this happens because phones can be confusing to setup and get to know. AT&T is introducing a AT&T Premium Setup and Delivery in which you can order your phone online and have a specialist come to your house to help you set up the device and answer any questions you may have.

How do I use it?

The customer will need to order the device you want on AT&, from there you will be asked if you want their Premium Delivery and Setup service. Choosing yes you will prompt the question regarding if you want the device ordered that day or the next day. You schedule a time and tell them where they can reach you. I encourage customers who use this service to ask as many questions as you would ask in store.

What do I think of the service?

I feel like many people worry about ordering a phone online for a majority of reasons. AT&T Premium Setup and Delivery will help customers get over the fear of setting up the device. You don’t have to leave your house to get the service you want. Just have the specialist come to you. The next step to this is letting the customer try out different phones in their home and choose the phone from there. AT&T should implement a service where the customer can pick a top 3 devices they might like and the specialist brings those devices out to be tested.

What do you think?

Regardless, I think this could be a great service for AT&T customers. AT&T needs to make sure they’re sending in people who know how to set up the devices and answer many commonly asked questions. What do you think of this? Would you use this service? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is a link to a video AT&T made better explaining the feature.

To utilize this service follow this link

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