Apple is Probably Going to Launch a Budget MacBook this Fall.


Earlier this year, we heard rumors about an entry level 13-inch MacBook supposed to make a debut in June. Obviously that didn’t happen. But it seems like Apple might’ve postponed the launch of this new device.

Digitimes, today, reported that there’s a rumored machine passing. It references research into Compal Electronics, a contract manufacturer of laptops for a wide range of brands.

Despite a cut in orders from Dell, Compal will see a dramatic ramp-up in orders from HP in the third quarter, the research report discloses.

But Quanta’s shipments are expected to also rise above 10 million units in the fourth quarter thanks to orders for Apple’s new inexpensive notebooks.

No further details are provided.
The cheapest laptop from Apple, the MacBook Air, is rather neglected. Apple hasn’t changed its design since 2010 and there’s no update since 2015. But it’s cheap price is still attracting a lot of people who are new to Mac.

So these reports might just be indicating to a surprise MacBook launch along with the iPhone launch later this year.

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