PUBG Mobile Lite comes to Play Store, will come to India later


After storming the PC world with Battle Royale genre, PUBG finally landed on the mobile platform. At first, iOS users were able to ply later Android users. However, there is one restriction to the current PUBG: Mobile. That is the configurations of certain devices. The Current PUBG: Mobile will run fine over 3GB RAM devices, even though not working perfectly. Also, there are so many devices running on 2GB or less. For example Android Go, which comes with 1GB RAM. For them, there is PUBG Mobile Lite!

Since this is the Lite version of PUBG: Mobile, there are several changes as well. These changes allow greater compatibility of the game with several devices. Also, it keeps the graphics quality and audio as it is.

PUBG Mobile Lite v/s PUBG: Mobile

The Later one is the current version of the game. The game is quite heavy, around 1.6GB on Play Store. Also, it requires >2GB RAM devices to work with lower graphics settings. Although you will still face lag till 4GB RAM.

The former is made for low-end devices.  The major change in this lite version is a reduction in the number of players on one map. Yes. The current PUBG: Mobile supports 100 players in one map.

You also get all the weapons in Mobile Lite as same as the Mobile version. The game is completely designed on Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games. Audio and video quality remains the same as that of the elder sibling.

However, due to some reasons, the app is being tested in India, although not released. Tencent says the game will come to India Pretty soon.

Download PUBG: Mobile 

Developer: Tencent Games
Price: Free+

Download PUBG Mobile Lite

Developer: Tencent Games
Price: To be announced