Samsung to introduce their 512GB SD card to public soon


Samsung has finally decided to retain its strategy to bring SD Card Slot, obviously, jack. Where several OEMs are skipping it, thanks to Apple, the firm will keep on bringing the posts in its future devices. Even though many device manufacturers are skipping them, [they] retained the same for those who love’em.

At Unpacked 2018 event, Drew Blackard, Senior Director of Product Marketing, said that Samsung will unveil a 512GB SD card pretty soon. Considering the high-end model of Note 9, which comes with 512GB of internal storage, coupling up with an SD card of the same size, you will get around 1TB of storage on board.

In the current market, there is only a few 256GB SD present from SanDisk and others, that has the given storage. The price of such cards are already pretty high, so will the upcoming 512GB card from the company?

However, in the current market, only a few devices have the SD card slot. Out of those has dedicated slot, whereas some have hybrid slots. Out of them, there are only a few devices those support SD cards up to 2TB, however, such SDcard isn’t available yet. But, it makes your device quite future-proof, albeit, no one is going to use their device straight 5 years or more.

Why most OEM playing like Apple I don’t know. Apple is stupid not you.

Source: Sammobile