Spotify and Samsung Partnership : What does it mean for us?


Yesterday’s Unpacked event was all about the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung also announced a couple of other important stuff like Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home, which is basically a smart speaker. Apart from that, the Korean company also announced its partnership with Spotify.

But what does Samsung has to do with Spotify?

Here’s the thing. Every company with smart speaker has their very own music app. Amazon Echo has Amazon Music, Apple’s got Apple Music, and even Google has Google Play Music. But when Samsung launched their Bixby speaker, it didn’t want any one of the above music apps dominating its speakers. Thus came Spotify into the game.

With the music app coming on most of Samsung devices, it will be seamless to be in the Samsung ecosystem, yet you aren’t restricted the way Apple does. Samsung even announced that Spotify will come to its refrigerators, Smart TVs and a lot of other IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the near future.

Samsung and Spotify

Spotify will soon be deeply integrated into Bixby. So if you ask Bixby for some music, it will look out for that music in Spotify, even if you don’t have an account on the music streaming app.

Even though Samsung didn’t reveal anything about the financial terms of this new partnership, it will surely benefit Samsung. Samsung users will get the music they want without a lot of fuss and Spotify has the chance to get some new people to try its service, as it continues to compete with its main rival, Apple Music.

Fun Fact : Do you remember Samsung launched its own music streaming service called ‘Milk Music’? That lasted just for a couple of years before Samsung shut it down in September 2016.

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