Fortnite for Android is ready to download


After the launch of Galaxy Note 9 today at the Unpacked event, Epic Games also launched Fortnite for Android. However, the game is still in beta stage, and exclusive to Galaxy S-series devices for now.  However, last time we told you that the game will not show up on the Play Store at all.

Since the game will not show up on the Play Store, you can download the game from their website.  If your device is eligible, then you will be provided the link for downloading the game launcher from their site. After you install the launcher, you will be asked to download approx 800MB of game files. These are the actual game files here. Also, if you are on the supported device, you can get the banner popping up on Galaxy Apps Store. Yes, Epic has uploaded the game on Galaxy Apps Store.


Fortnite in-app purchases and Signing up

Thinking about it, Epic is not launching on the Play Store, so how will you able to pay for in-app content? Simple. The Game will allow you to purchase content using a Samsung Account.

Now, if you have already played Fortnite on Pc/XBox/PS4 etc, you can log in using the same account.

Please note the supported devices here are S7, S8, S9, Note 8, note 9, Tab S3, and Tab S4. And if you try to install it from other APK sources, it will simply show you device not supported message albeit, the supported devices will start downloading game contents.

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