OnePlus Forum Moderator confirms OnePlus 6T’s Existence


Since last couple of years, we saw OnePlus launch a little spec bumped variant during the mid-cycle of their existing phones, often having a “T” in their names to make them distinct. After the OnePlus 3, came the 3T, 5, 5T and so on. So it was kind of obvious that OnePlus might be launching the OnePlus 6T, sometime this year.

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation about the 6T from OnePlus’s side. In fact, OnePlus India GM dropped hints, suggesting that the company might not be launching the T variant this year.

However, the ray of hope comes from OnePlus’s Forum Moderator, Assistant Head Moderator to be precise, after he said this :
“If you want to wait for 6T please do so as it will be out in coming months. When .. we need to wait for the official announcement”

OnePlus 6T

So this might be a strong clue regarding OnePlus 6T’s existence. Do keep in mind that “oalexander” is a moderator and not a staff member. So don’t get your hopes really high just in case OnePlus decides to pull this off.

Needless to say though, mods do have more knowledge about the  company’s plans. With that confidence, we think that the OnePlus 6T just might be there, somewhere, waiting to get announced.

News Source : Piunikaweb