Verizon will Launch Mobile 5G early next year


Recently T-Mobile came under the spotlight when we got to know that they are trading with Nokia for 5G equipments. Now Verizon is trying to grab the domain as early as 2019. The company supposed to be launching their 5G broadband later this year.

Verizon upgrades their network in deep mystery and just shows the plans to people when the network is ready.  the company will not use normal technology for the network. Instead, they will use the Millimeter Wave technology for the network. The Moto 5G mode also uses the same technology. According to Moto, the Mod will be available by early 2019.

There is a flaw in Millimeter Wave technology. The technology covers only a few km of area. That means the devices will be installed in the center of the city, thus reducing the connectivity when outside of the city, but will increase the network quality.

Currently, Only a few cities will get the 5G network.