Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport

Budget vs. Feature rich




The Huawei Watch 2 Sport came on loan from Huawei. We have not been paid or influenced by Huawei for any of the articles about the Huawei Watch 2. While the Ticwatch E is my personal watch I paid for with with my own personal funds.


To start it off


Before I start talking about the two watches let me tell you that this is not a review of either wearable and just a comparison. If you follow the link here. Since the first Pebble smartwatch (may you rest in peace Pebble) I have been very interested in the whole idea of wearable tech. And even though I don’t have much money to start with I have owned five different smartwatches.


They’re both ultimately the same


To kick it off I’m gonna start with saying two things. The biggest difference you’re gonna get is how “premium” the watch is gonna feel. For example, the Ticwatch E is an all plastic body with a basic silicone strap, but the Huawei Watch has a ceramic ring around the display and has a second button to quick launch a specific app. The overall software experience is the same across the board. A little on the slow side, choppy animations, and a nearly all touch interface. Now that that’s out of the way on to the actual comparison.


Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport  

Huawei Watch 2 Sport (left) and Ticwatch E (right)

Like previously mentioned, these two wearables are probably the two most people are gonna be looking at. The Ticwatch E is has totally plastic build that comes with a detachable silicone strap, a 1.4 inch OLED display, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, has IP67 water resistance, and a 300 mAh battery. The Huawei Watch has a more sporty look (it is the sport model after all) all of same sensors, a slightly smaller 1.2 inch OLED display, NFC, an ambient light sensor, and a 420 mAh battery.


Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport: Design


Like previously mentioned, the Ticwatch E has an all plastic body and a removable watch strap and has a subdued casual design. It honestly doesn’t feel cheap, but it is considerably lighter than the Huawei Watch. That can be a good thing or a bad depending on what you’re looking for in a smartwatch. The Huawei Watch 2 Sport has a much more durable feeling build design, and while I personally would have preferred to use the black version of the watch rather than the kind of weird grey with white speckles and yellow accents it did grow on me over time. I also just want to add that the Ticwatch has a far superior that it comes over the Huawei Watches basic, white cardboard box.



Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport: Display


While resolution does not matter a huge amount since they’re both sub 2 inch displays, display quality does matter to an extent. I can honestly say that both displays look nearly identical. Colors are very vibrant on both and both also pass on outdoor viewing, but the Huawei Watch is more convenient for outdoor viewing due to the inclusion of an ambient light sensor.

The Ticwatch comes in a metal box whereas the Huawei comes in a cardboard box.

Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport: Battery life


My daily use of a wearable usually isn’t incredibly taxing. I try to exercise 30-60 minutes a day everyday with whatever wearable I am using recording that workout. The rest of the day is spent checking notifications with always on display on. Both wearables boast they last 1.5 to two days. After daily use I can confirm that the Ticwatch lasts a day at most. While the Huawei Watch lasted me a day and half easily. The Ticwatch would usually last me from 6am and would be screaming to be recharged by about 9 or 10pm. Whereas with the Huawei Watch I would lose 50-60% battery throughout the day, wouldn’t charge through the night sometimes, and would wake up with a 5-10% battery loss. If battery life is what you care most about just stop here and go buy the Huawei Watch over the Ticwatch.


Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport: Software experience and health tracking


If you’re someone who tracks how many steps taken, heart rate, and basic workouts then the Ticwatch E is perfect. The Ticwatch Health app is more focused for runners and cyclists. There is a “freestyle” option for those that do strength training, but not much information is given beside heart rate. Huawei’s slew of health apps have more detail and there’s nearly an app for every kind of workout, beside swimming. The big question I imagine everyone is asking is “but what about the heart rate sensors,” and they’re the same. I did a scientific test by wearing both wearables on each wrist and recorded a 2 mile walk. They both were always within a few bpm of each other and did not show much variance. What this boils down to is that if you’re more casual with your workouts then the Ticwatch E is all you need. Although, if you want to know a little more about your workouts beside heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled (if you’re running/cycling) then the Huawei Watch is the better decision.


Ticwatch E vs. Huawei Watch 2 Sport: Better bang for your buck?


Which watch has the better price to performance/feature ratio? If you’re planning on buying new and all that matters is getting notifications and health tracking then get the Ticwatch. For $159.99 what you get is incredible! All it needs is an ambient light sensor, but otherwise it’s perfect for those that just want notifications conveniently. That’s not saying the Huawei Watch 2 Sport is currently a bad deal. The Huawei Watch 2 Sport goes for around $200 and with all of the features it has that’s probably an even better deal than the Ticwatch E. If looking at used and refurbished options don’t bother looking at the Ticwatch I’ve rarely seen one used or refurbed. The Huawei Watch I’ve even go for the same price as the Ticwatch E brand new.


Final thoughts


I’m pretty sure anyone can tell that I like the Huawei Watch 2 Sport more than the Ticwatch E. For someone who appreciates a long battery life and being able to track both physical and sleep activity. You wouldn’t go wrong with either, but if you like plenty of features and long battery life then the Huawei Watch 2 Sport is slightly better.