Fortnite will not come to Play Store for this reason


Bad News for Android Users, as well as Good News! Fortnite might come to Android but will not launch on Play Store. Today the CEO of Epic Games confirms that the game will not launch on Play Store. But it will be available to download from Epic’s site and install it. But there is a huge risk here. Probably, this is a good move to bypass Google Regulations but also exposes the device to malicious codes.

The reason is solid. Epic got hungry for money. Yes. They are doing so so as to bypass the 30% revenue cut from in-app purchases done by Google. And simply Epic don’t want Google to get that 30% here. I don’t know why if you earn an estimated $1000 from in-app purchases, but Google takes $300 from there, you still get $700! Why didn’t Epic tried this same method on Apple, since Apple does take revenue?

Since they got a hunger for money, they will host the game files on their website, which may pose a risk of installing a malicious piece of code on your hardware. Since apps on Google go through thorough checks and then allowed to publish, Epic simply wants to bypass that.

Till now Epic hasn’t announced when Fortnite will launch on Android. This may be launched after Samsung announces Galaxy Note 9 on August 24, this year, and reservation has already started in the US.

Fortnite is currently available on iOS, and if you are an iOS user, download from below!

Developer: Epic Games
Price: Free+