Galaxy Note 9 starts receiving reservation ahead of the launch


Galaxy Note 9 has become the hype in the recent time. Just before its launch, we saw so many leaks floating around the internet. Even we saw the CEO of Samsung using the same device for taking notes at a conference. Though we don’t know the reality of the image, still we can consider that to be genuine. Since the device is going to launch this month, Samsung has come up with a unique method to increase the sale of the device just after the launch.

Ahead of the launch, Samsung is allowing you to trade in your current smartphone with Galaxy Note 9. Also, you may even get $450 off when purchasing off. Please note that this a reservation scheme by Samsung, this may make you stand up ahead in the line of pre-order, but does guarentees you delivery by August 24.

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However, you cannot choose colors or storage options right now since the device isn’t revealed yet. But you can select the carrier you want and you can have it unlocked too.

Everything is possible in Samsung’s Shop app. In the app, you can reserve your device. Please note, that the device will be available to pre-order in the USA and Korea itself. Rest of the counry might get the device in the later part of the year.

Download the App from below:

Shop Samsung
Shop Samsung
Price: To be announced