Group Call Feature on WhatsApp is Rolling Out to Everyone!


As announced in the F8 conference by Facebook, WhatsApp is getting the Group call feature. The news was featured on a post on the WhatsApp Blog on July 30. Don’t worry if you haven’t received the feature yet, it will appear soon.

Unfortunately, the group calls have a four-member limit. Thus people who want to conduct a large scale meeting should hold on to Slack and Skype for now. But this feature could be great for small groups of family and friends.

To do so, initiate a call or video call with a contact. Then tap the ‘add participant’ icon in the top right corner. Incase you’ve been wondering, yes, there’s no shortcut in the group itself to directly call everyone even if there are four people in that group.

Also, these calls are end-to-end encrypted and will work in a variety of network conditions. It’s not clear however which version is required for the group calls to work. Many users enrolled in the beta program have received the feature, though.

Let us know your experience using WhatsApp Group Calls in the comments below.