Facebook and Instagram apps bring time limit tool


Every person on this planet loves to use social media. But do you how much time we spend around on social media? No, we don’t. We just move with the flow. But this time Facebook has introduced a new feature in its app and Instagram as well.

This announcement has is done due to excessive usage of the platform, mostly by teenagers. And according to Mental Health experts, this is the worst situation, implies a negative impact on the brain.

With this feature, users can check their usage time on the platform with ease. Also, you can set a reminder for limiting the use of the app and also can mute the notifications for some time. You can find this setting in “Your Activity” under settings.

In a blog post in 2017, Facebook also mentions the negative impact of accessing social media every time.

In an Experiment, Students of the University of Michigan were asked to scroll Facebook for around 10 minutes straight. The volunteers selection was completely random. After the experiment, it was found that those students in way worse mood than before accessing the platform. This was the way opposite to the students who were active throughout the day, and chatting with friends on the platform.

Now thinking of this, it seriously has some huge impact on brain. Social media has become an addiction to our generations