Drone Accessories worth Buying In 2018, the coolest of them!

We bring you coolest Drone Accessories which are worth to equip your drone with!


Are you thinking of acquiring a drone or have you just bought one? These usually work very well
when equipped with some of the best accessories. In 2018, there is equipment you will find great for
your drone. They range from the basic equipment you need to have a working UAV to others which give you greater comfort and function.

A drone is also known as UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The following are the coolest UAV accessories worth buying in 2018:

Drone Goggles

There is no fun in flying it when you cannot be part of the experience. With the best FPV goggles, you will be able to get a live video feed to draw you right into the action. You will feel like you are in a cockpit flying a plane.


If you are fond of participating in UAV flying challenges, you definitely must have a pair of goggles. Their work is to provide you with real-time feed even as your UAV hovers above the ground.

Drone Propeller Safety Sensors

Your UAV’s propellers can pose a great danger to you and other people around you. The solution for that is often installing propeller guards. However, if the drone didn’t come with the propeller guards, this can make it very heavy.

Instead of propeller guards, it is best if you installed some propeller safety sensors. You and other people close to you will be safe while at the same time ensuring the drone’s weight remains unchanged.

Drone Alt-Terrain Landing Gear

Give your UAV the capability to land and take off from any type of terrain and you will never have to worry where you are flying it. With an all-terrain landing gear, you will have a UAV that can land and take from the surface of water without sinking.


This can add some weight to the UAV but will work very well for photographers looking for unique shots. It doesn’t matter if you need to land it on uneven or rough rocky ground. The landing gear is made so that it is able to absorb shock and protect the UAV.

The Lighting Kit

The most preferred for drone use are LED lights. These can be nothing but decorations. For individuals who want their drones to have overhead lighting, don’t waste this opportunity. Installing lights on your drone will also prove good when you need to maintain visibility in poor-vision conditions.


Did you know that without a camera a drone is just another flying object? It is because of this important accessory that the adoption of drones in the professional world continues to grow. Today, there are a number of drones which come with in-built drones.

If your drone does not have a camera, this should be the first accessory you should install on it. With it, you will be able to capture both still photographs and videos. In most cases, a multispectral camera is what you should buy to get the best shots.

Most Important – Lithium-Ion Battery

Drones cannot operate without batteries. In fact, the more the merrier. If you are hoping to use your drone professionally, then it is important that you always carry with you one or two spare batteries.  That way, you will avoid having to wait for between 1 and 2 hours to wait for the only battery in your drone to charge. However, with a couple of spare batteries, you don’t have to stop working because the power ran out.

A worthy Battery Bag

If you have spare batteries for your drone, it is important that you get a bag in which you will carry them. A good bag ensures that your batteries remain safe while you are transporting them. The likelihood of there being an explosion is very minimal. Also, bear in mind the portability of the bag. You don’t want to have a huge luggage, especially when you are going out on an expedition in the wild.

Finally, Gimbal

While there are some drones with in-built gimbals, others come without this important component. If yours doesn’t have one, then it is time you bought and installed it. Failure to do so would mean that you get unstable photos full of jitters. However, if your drone has a gimbal, you will be able to get stable still photos and videos.

The purpose of buying these accessories is not just to decorate your drone but to make it work better. If you are into photography, you certainly cannot do it without a good camera. The same applies to those who are already participating in drone racing. There is no way they can do it without a dedicated pair of goggles.