Dark Theme for YouTube is Slowly Rolling out to Android Users


We all wanted a dark theme for YouTube and now, it is finally happening! YouTube is rolling out a dark theme for Android users. This news was confirmed by Google on TechCrunch after a lot of people saw the dark mode within the app settings.

The feature took a bit longer than expected to show up. YouTube first announced a dark mode for its mobile app back in March, when it launched on iOS. At the time, the company said the dark theme for Android was coming “soon.”

YouTube Dark ThemeYouTube Dark Theme

Just like iOS, the dark theme can be turned on or off in the settings menu. When enabled, YouTube’s usual white background switches to black throughout the YouTube app experience as your browse, search and watch videos.

As the company previously explained, dark mode helps users a more cinematic feel. It helps focus in the content and not the controls and even cuts down significant amount of glare. And some tests also prove that dark mode saves battery life, something which everyone appreciates.

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Image Source : XDA Developers