Google Clock brings musical alarms, also integrates with Spotify


Google Clock receives an interesting update:- Clock app is the essential app to start your day with. Without it, most of us cannot get up on time in the morning, leading to late reaching to office/college. In fact, in my case, the alarm is very much important to me. Would you believe it that it takes 7 alarms to wake me up in the morning? No exaggerating, see yourself.

Well, forget about me. Let’s Move to Google Clock. This clock app is a lightweight app by Google. The app was updated today and brings a very nice feature – Spotify Integration. This happened due to a recent partnership between Google and Spotify.

When you start making a new alarm or modifying the existing one, it will provide you with Spotify in Sounds tab. After setting up the alarm, you can continue to listen to the song you selected. Moreover, both free and the premium member can use this feature.

For the proper functionality, you need to have both Spotify and Google Clock installed, updated to the latest version.

Download Both the apps from here:

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Spotify – Musik und Podcasts
Spotify – Musik und Podcasts