You can now use Samsung Pay’s MST Chip with Chase Pay


Samsung Pay is the most widely used mobile payment option around the globe with its two most standout features being Samsung Rewards and its combo of NFC and MST technology that allows you to use it at virtually any sore.

On July 27, Samsung announced a new partnership with Chase that brings these goodies over to Chase Pay. From today, you can jump into the Samsung Pay app and link your Chase Pay account.

After doing this, you can use Chase Pay as your primary mobile payment app and make payments with either NFC or Samsung’s MST chip.

This is the first time Samsung’s MST Tech us available to other apps outside Samsung Pay. Although Chase is the only one that can use it right now, this has us hoping for similar partnerships with other brands down the road.

Also, payments you make after both accounts are linked will allow you to earn Samsung Rewards points and Chase Ultimate Rewards points in one transaction.