DesignEvo – simple way to create your business logo


Logo making is a very complicated process which includes pure imagination skills, say it’s for a business. A logo is an image that allows others to recognize you and your company/business. Everyone needs a logo for their business. A logo is not only limited to a business but also allows others to recognize your website. See we also got one logo, else how could you differentiate us from others. However, it is not so easy. For this, you need to have pure creativity in you.  But many us don’t have that quality. We then start searching for an alternative. Here, we bring you a nice alternative.  DesignEvo brings you an easy way to design your own unique logos.

DesignEvo is a logo making site that provides you with thousands of templates to choose from.  It is very easy to make a logo here.  You just need to place prebuilt shapes, text, background color etc.

The key features include:

  1. 5000+ fully customizable logo templates.
  2.  Over one million icons available to search through.
  3.  Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from.
  4. Freely customize a logo with powerful editing tools.

DesignEvo – Templates

DesignEvo provides you with several templates to choose from. The templates range from Abstract level to Business level.  The templates are completely customizable, that means you can change the style and look of the template yourself.


DesignEvo provides you with several choices of fonts for your logo, ranging from simplest to stylish. Just select a font, write your text, and resize and position according to your wish.

Also, they provide you predefined styles for the logo name as well.

Start from the Scratch

Yes, what if you don’t like any of the templates, but want a custom logo according to your wish, you can even do that! DesignEvo gives you an option to start from. Search for several shapes, backgrounds, icons, fonts, for your logo. Make your logo as stylish as possible.

DesignEvo logo quality

Most of the time we design logo we keep one thing in mind – quality. Quality matters when the business is online, or a blog. Nobody wants a logo with pixelation around or in between. So DesignEvo has the option for both low and high-quality images but there is a catch – that is the size which comes with a price. The pricing I will discuss later on.

DesignEvo – pricing

Although the basic service of DesignEvo comes for free, there are some paid plans as well.  The free plan includes downloading low and high-quality logo images in JPG or PNG format. The high resolution is capped to the 500px max. The PNG files will not have transparency, You will not get lifetime support, no vector files, no font files either. Also, the images will not be print ready, that means they will not look good for printing. You will not get the Copyright Ownership here. You also have to give credits to DesignEvo as well. The editing and re-downloading of the same logo is limited.

The second plan, BASIC comes with a price of $1999. In this plan, there is no need to post credits. The High-Quality image is capped to 5000px max. You will get transparent PNG which will be print ready and can be re-edited. Also, you get lifetime support.

The third plan, called PLUS plan gives all the features of the BASIC plan, in addition to availability for download of vector files,font files and does give you full Copyright Ownership as well.

I did made a very simple logo using DesignEvo.

Have fun with logo design using DesignEvo!