Amazon Echo Show Lets You “Tap” to Activate Alexa with Latest Update


Amazon is rolling out an update to its Echo Show smart speaker/display which will enable ‘Tap to Alexa’. This new way of interacting will work along with the usual way of saying “Alexa, <command>”.

Tap to Alexa makes Alexa available to people who are unable to easily interact with Alexa by voice, such as users with speech impairments. But it might also prove to be a convenient option for anyone who’s just tired of talking to a gadget.

Enable Tap to Alexa by going to the Echo Show’s settings menu, choosing accessibility, and toggling on the feature. It’s also convenient for people like me who are just tired of talking to Digital Assistances all the day.

Amazon is rolling out Alexa Captioning separately in the UK, Germany, Japan, India, France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The captions display Alexa’s responses to a user on all Alexa-compatible devices that have a screen. Alexa Captioning is already available in the United States.