Galaxy Tab S4 will have an Iris Scanner instead of Fingerprint Sensor


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the next member of the Galaxy Tab family won’t have the fingerprint sensor. This new member would come with an Iris scanner instead of fingerprint sensor. Other changes include trimmed down bezels and facial recognition as well.

Galaxy Tab S4

Personally, I don’t think a tablet needs trimmed bezels. But Samsung anyway did it and here we have the next gen Galaxy Tab. With less bezels, they didn’t have any space for a front fingerprint sensor. Last year’s Galaxy Tab S3 had a fingerprint scanner hidden inside the chin-mounted hardware key.

So it seems like Samsung is also (remember FaceID?) making us rely exclusively on facial and iris recognition for biometric authentication. The Intelligent Scan feature introduced with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ earlier this year will be expanded to Samsung’s new flagship tablet, replacing traditional fingerprint identification altogether.

Using intelligent scan, a user can unlock his device even in dark mode with the help of iris scanner. In a nutshell, the Galaxy Tab S4 will switch back and forth between your iris and your face, always trying to find the best, quickest way to unlock, regardless of lighting conditions.

The launch date isn’t confirmed as of now but we’ll update you soon.


Source : Sam Mobile