This Future Samsung Phone will Fold Like a Wallet!


We’ve been hearing quite a lot of humors that Samsung is working on a foldable device (Galaxy X) and it just might be true!

Samsung has filed a lot of parents which tells us about the form factor of the device. This phone is often referred to as Galaxy X and could fold just like your wallet does.

The news comes from Wall Street Journal, a leading Global Publication, which tells us that this phone will indeed be released early next year. It also offers some details about the device itself.

The report says that the phone light have a 7-inch foldable display. It’s also going to have a secondary display on the outside when the device is folds in. It makes sense otherwise it would be just another version of flip-phones that were popular a decade ago.

To power two displays, the phone might have a big battery. It’s unclear what the capacity will be, though. The report also mentions that the Galaxy X may be priced as high as $1,500.

Samsung is reportedly going to release the Galaxy X, codenamed Winner, early next year. It’s possible that the handset may be launched at the Mobile World Congress 2019. No word as yet on when it’s going to be released and in which markets it will be available in.