Blackberry KEYone receives Android Oreo Beta


Blackberry KEYone receives its Android Oreo Beta update:- Blackberry’s first KEYone device was launched with Android Nougat onboard. And, the company stated that the device will receive Android Oreo pretty soon. But, this didn’t happen. Now, out of nowhere, KEYone started receiving Android Oreo Beta update.

Android Oreo is actually a year old OS. Google is currently testing Android P and will unveil it pretty soon in September. But Why did [the] company is releasing an old OS for its device? The reason is due to the delay of update from the carrier Rogers.

However, Blackberry is giving this update, only if you have the beta access to the update. That is, only if you have signed up for Private bet only then you will receive the update.

[The] company has maintained a very good reputation with monthly updates. But keeping the device away from the announced major update is quite disappointing. If you have some luck and are a Blackberry KEYone user, try here: