NES Classic Unboxing

A quick unboxing and opinion of the NES Classic Edition


NES Classic Unboxing:

A week ago or so I decided to pick up an NES Classic Edition when they went back in stock last week. The unboxing experience was so nice that I decided to share it with you all.

What is an NES Classic?:

An NES Classic is a $60 plug and play box made by Nintendo. What’s so special about this box is you can play 30 classic NES games all in one place. The box also has nearly flawless emulation and the whole system really feels like you’re playing your favorite NES titles on your HD TV. I showed it to my dad and he was instantly excited. He didn’t own an NES but he knew many titles from arcades and we enjoyed playing Galaga together like we used to when I was younger. It was very nostalgic and a lot of fun.

What Comes in the Box?:

  • NES Classic Console
  • A controller with a cord that is far too short
  • A micro usb cable and wall wart for power
  • HDMI Cable
  • Manuals
  • A really cool poster

What Do I think of the NES Classic Edition:

I really like it. It’s not something I will sit there and play for hours but if I want a quick break I can boot up Kirby’s Adventure or Super Mario Brothers. There are sometimes I wished they’d fixed lag from the original game. Kirby’s Adventure had a few times I nearly died because the game slowed down. I only assume this is how it would have slowed down on the NES itself. However, for people who played these games when they were new this will help them feel right at home.

The controller and console itself is very well made. I hope to get my hands on the SNES Classic Edition next to see what gems that holds. $60 is definitely the sweet spot for something like this though. Don’t buy this from a scalper and don’t buy a cheap knockoff. Both will put a bad taste in your mouth.

What do you all think? Do you have this console or want one? Let me know your opinions!