Apple Music Surpasses Spotify in terms of Paying Customers in the US


Apple Music just surpassed Spotify in terms of user base. According to sources from Digital Music News, Apple’s streaming service now has more than 20 million paying users in the United States.

However, Spotify still leads outside the US with 75 Million subscribers as part of its earning reports back in May. With Spotify planning to launch in emerging markets like India, this figure could go up by the end of the year.

In the United States, Apple Music is more popular than Spotify. But popularity isn’t the only reason why Spotify is lagging behind. A report from Music Business Worldwide offered a deep dive on the early stats both service released on Drake’s Scorpion. In the first day, Spotify notched 132.4 million streams globally while Apple Music counted 170 million.

The album was probably the most anticipated launch of the year and Apple Music had it right at midnight. And it was available on Spotify a couple of hours later.

This might be an eye opener for Spotify and a very good news for the folks at Apple.

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Source : Digital Music News