Microsoft is Bringing its Movies & TV App to Android and iOS


Folks at Microsoft may be working on a Movies & TV app for iOS and Android, reported by Anonymous Sources via Windows Central.

We already have a bunch of Media streaming apps readily available on iOS and Android. Android has Google Play Movies whereas iOS has iTunes. iTunes was a big hit on Windows 10 when it came to the Windows Store in April. Also, we have Netflix which doesn’t even need any introduction.

After the unfortunate death of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has promoted apps like its web browser Edge and the Microsoft Launcher, but left out apps like Movies & TV, which is only available on PC, Xbox, and Windows 10 Mobile browsers.

Now Microsoft is working to bridge this gap and introduce its Movies & TV app for iOS and Android. Although sources told Window Central not to expect the iOS app and Android app version of Movies & TV anytime soon, as work is supposedly in progress.
Via: Neowin