A serious issue in LTE layer two, can redirect you to malicious sites


LTE has a serious loophole in its layer two, attackers can use it to steal your creds:- A group of international researchers has found a serious exploit in the lower layer two. This exploit can be used to redirect you to malicious sites, without you even knowing it. In papers, LTE removes all the loopholes in the previous generation of wireless standards. However, this theoretical thing is wrong. This exploit, which I am talking about, takes the advantages of the flaws in the network.

LTE exploit can steal your credentials, without you even knowing.

LTE is for fun right? High-speed internet, crystal clear voice, and much more. But who would know that this amazing technology will have such issue?

How will an attacker use this exploit? You will need a sniffing hardware, very much near to the target. He will trace down the DNS packets from the target and identify the website. If your DNS packets matches, your data is gone. And, above that, you will even don’t know your data is stolen.

However, aking such exploits useful, you need to pay a huge sum. According to Ars Technica, the sniffing hardware will cost you a massive $4,000! If you still think this is going to be that easy, think again. For you being an amazing hacker, you need to have a huge amount of money already.

Now we have the problem, what about the solution? Well, there is none. Unless the telecom providers switch to 5G, you will be vulnerable. However, it is not easy at all. So, rest assured.