Motorola Moto G6 Review

Is the "G" series still the budget king?



I used the Moto G6 for about a week and a half on AT&T’s network in southern New Jersey. I did not receive any software updates during the time of my review therefore there will not be any points during the review in which the manufacturer’s software changed my device experience.

What’s the deal with this phone anyway?

This phone confused and intrigued me since it was announced. It was so close to its G5 Plus predecessor that I couldn’t help but want to get my hands on it. The processor is pretty much an underclocked Snapdragon 625 which did very well in the G5 Plus.

The device also has 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage. These specifications are all middle of the range but are still very close to the G5 Plus, which was very close to the Moto X4 and so on. In such a tight price range I will continue to ask and hopefully answer. What’s the point of the Moto G6 in 2018?

Is it any good?

Yeah, the Moto G6 is actually very good. I noticed a few stutters in performance however this is only when I pushed the Snapdragon 450 a little bit harder than I should have. I do think Motorola needs to tweak its ram management as apps closed very quickly in the background. With 3gb of ram I should have been able to do a little bit of multitasking. Long story short, I feel the downfalls on the performance are down to software. Get ready, this is going to be a common theme within the review.

Moto Additions:

Lenovo has slowly been sneaking itself into the Motorola we all knew and loved. They kept the software looking stock but forget to update the software in a timely manner. They add cool features but forget to make sure they work well.

An example, if I may. The Moto G6 has a really nice fingerprint sensor slapped on the front. The sensor is accurate and fast, however, did you know it could also act as a gesture interface? It can work as the home, back, recent apps button as well as turning the display off and on. However, with a display so big, pulling down the notification tray may have been helpful, but it lacks that feature.

The gestures it does use also don’t work sometimes, I ended up turning them off after a few days. Nice, but not worth my display randomly turning off or me accidentally performing the wrong gesture.

Moto’s tried, and true camera gestures are still here though! Still not great though. They’re not as responsive as I remember on the X 2014. They work maybe 80% of the time. With a slow camera though a fast way to launch it is nice though. The flashlight chop worked maybe 60% of the time. Not great, but the flashlight was less crucial to be opened quickly. Just try not to drop the phone.

Lastly, Moto display is kind of useless with an LCD display. It just needlessly turns your display on. My recommendation is to only use this when your phone will be face up on a desk. If it’s in your pocket just turn it off. It uses too much battery and sometimes you press stuff in your pockets. Quality over quantity is the part of Moto’s philosophy that has slowly been fading. I just hope they can fix it.

Display and Camera:

These seem like a strange combination, right? However, my main reason for combining these two aspects of the review into the review is because they’re both excellent. The display on this device is really good. You get a 5.7 inch Full HD+ panel which got pretty bright but was also kind of washed out. Unless you’re like me who came from a flagship you’ll be impressed but his panel. It made watching Youtube and playing Pokemon Go a pleasure. Most importantly, it made images from its camera look fantastic.

This camera is honestly something else. I’m impressed they put such nice sensors into a $250 device. Even the Snapdragon 450’s poultry image processing capabilities didn’t hold it back. The device took really nice pictures with good detail in outdoor conditions. Knowing this don’t expect too much indoors, in low light or when zooming. Outdoors though you can get some pretty stellar shots. I unfortunately didn’t use the secondary depth sensing camera. I’m not the correct person to be testing portrait pictures, however, the main sensor is incredible. I’ll post a myriad of pictures below. Let me know what you think.

Battery Life and Call Quality:

Having a low end processor and a 3000 mah battery you’d expect the device to have good battery life and you’d be right. I got about a day’s worth of usage and with Moto’s Turbo Power chargers a 10 minute plug in goes a long way. Don’t forget though, the device does have a large Full HD+ display to support so keep high end gaming to a minimum. Regardless, the battery and processor work very well together for great battery life that will get moderate users through a day easy.

Call quality on this device is fantastic, as you should expect from Motorola. The earpiece functions as the speaker so everyone’s voice sounds crisp and clear. I really enjoyed making phone calls with the device too. The device also held onto service like a champ too. Lenovo saved the part of Motorola Mobility that it did best.

Making a great device to make phone calls on. You can also use this device on any US carrier! I really can’t say anything bad about this aspect. The earpiece even functioned well as a speaker! Keep doing what you do best Motorola.


Let me preface this by saying the Moto G6 is a $250 device that normally sells for about $200 US. The device is excellent in a vacuum but unfortunately, it’s not. You have awesome devices like the Honor 7X and Motorola’s own X4 in a similar price range. Although I haven’t used them I’ve read that the specifications and performance are far more capable on these two devices. If I get my hands on them, I’ll be sure to do a comparison.

This particular Motorola device isn’t for me. This doesn’t mean though, that you shouldn’t get a Motorola phone. We will be looking at the Moto G6 Play which does things very different from the G6. The Moto X4 also has a better processor and full waterproofing with a lot of other aspects that made this device great. Motorola needs to reevaluate its strategy with releasing its devices. The devices they make are great, but their lineup is confusing and overwhelming. Please Motorola, go back to quality over quantity.

We wanted to thank our friends at Motorola for loaning us the Moto G6. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with them and we look forward to our continued work together.