This Year’s iPhone X Will Rock LG’s OLED Panels

LG is reportedly supplying 2-4 billion OLED Panels for the next gen iPhone X


Apple had invested multi-billion dollar in LG Display and its time to best the fruits. Reports from South China Morning Post suggest that LG is almost ready to become Apple’s second supplier for OLED screens, allowing Apple to reduce its reliance on Samsung, currently the sole manufacturer of the panels in iPhone X models.

As we wrote earlier, Apple is probably going to launch three iPhone models this year. The OLED screens from LG will be used in one of them. The shipment is subject to two layers of approval, the first of which is expected around July, the people said.

Previous rumors have suggested LG will be the supplier for this year’s 6.5-inch “iPhone X Plus”. The sources in today’s report claim LG Display will initially supply between 2 million and 4 million units, as it continues to work on ramping up capacity.

Apart from the “iPhone X Plus”, Apple is expected to release two other iPhone models in 2018: a second generation iPhone X and a low-cost, 6.1-inch option with a similar full-face display as seen on the iPhone X, but with LCD rather than a OLED display.

The Wall Street Journal claimed that mass production challenges had caused LG to fall behind the schedule it had agreed with Apple. As a result, opinions within Apple were said to be divided on whether LG Display would be in a position to complement Samsung as a second source of OLED displays for the upcoming iPhones.

LG could contribute as much as 20% of total OLED displays for the 2018 lineup. Apple is also investing $2.67 billion in LG’s OLED production for smartphones. LG is said to be building a production line dedicated to iPhone orders only, as part of its agreement with Apple.