Windows 3.1 – how does it feels in 2018


Windows 3.1 – how does it feel in 2018:-  Windows was first entire CUI based, that means Character User Interface, taking up lines of commands to execute your work. Later in 1992, Microsoft announced Windows 3.1, the first OS to revolutionize Windows and take it to the position, where it is now. Previously, computers used to run on MS-DOS, first OS by Microsoft.  But after 3.1 emerged in the market, it completely changed the directions. It was the first OS to run on GUI. But the base was still MS-DOS. Today I am going to tell you how was my experience with the OS.

Windows 3.1 – Installation

Installation of this Windows was not pretty straightforward like now. For this OS to run, you need MS-DOS as a base. You can say it is pretty much similar to applying themes on Windows.


Back in those days, you have to use 3 Floppy disk having 1.44MB size each. It took me approx 5 minutes to set the whole MS-DOS up. Now comes the Question, How to install 3.1 here. Well pretty simple, Get 8 Floppy Disk of Windows 3.1 and start installing. Around 8 Floppy Images of 1.44MB is used to install the OS. The following two lines are used to start the installation process.

C:\> A:

C:\> setup

I would say that switching between floppy was quite a pain, whereas in now, cases are totally different.

After going through whole installation pain, and reboot, I was greeted with the same screen above. Now how to start Windows? Simple

C:\> win /s

This takes you straight to the following screen.

Windows 3.1 Startup Screen

Yes, it included file manager as well! You have the printer, clipboard, and of course MS-DOS prompt. It also included games like Solitaire, and Minesweeper as well.  It was a complete package back then for home users.

How it feels to use Windows 3.1 in 2018

Well, it’s quite snappier taking the processor of my laptop into consideration. Since my first computer had Windows 7, I would say, features were quite less. But still was a premium software in those times. It has got everything, Your NotePad, games etc.

But we should consider that it was quite a powerful back in 1992.  Considering the fact that you now had full access to file system. can play multimedia content, can connect to the internet. In fact, you got a word processor even! The display support was quite less and only selected computer could run this OS.  It usually supported memories up to something in MBs so providing it around a gig will make it fast as a supercomputer.  U can also switch back to MS-DOS prompt as well.

Since it is running on a more modern architecture than it was made for, in VMWare, I cannot actually say about how good it was back in 1992.  Also, it did supported Alt+Tab key combo, that means – MULTITASKING!

For the time being, have fun with the images of windows 3.1 desktop!

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This is going to be an entire series starting today. I will not write daily on it, But please let me know should I continue it?

Peace Out!