Bing Visual Search Let’s You Track Things With a Snap from Your Phone’s Camera


Microsoft has announced a feature which has intelligent visual search capabilities across Bing, Microsoft Launcher, and Microsoft Edge, each of which will now support easily tracking things down with a snap from your phone’s camera.

The Visual search is similar to Google Lens, which uses AI algorithms to process information. To use this from one of Microsoft’s apps, you can capture or upload any image and Bing will identify it to show your more relevant information. Things like location and other links to explore will also be shown.

Visual Search has also got this ability to streamline shopping. If you spot a jacket, piece of furniture, or something else you want to pick up, you can upload a picture and Bing will return similar items, prices, and options for where to make a purchase.

Microsoft says that visual search is available starting today in the Bing apps for both iOS and Android. Android users can check the feature out in Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft Edge.