Windows Insider Preview Bring SwiftKey


Windows 10 Insider Preview 17692 brings SwiftKey to its touch keyboard:- SwiftKey users rejoice! Your loved keyboard features will be now on Windows 10’s on-screen keyboard! The new keyboard will look similar to the default keyboard but will be entirely different behind. The entire keyboard will work entirely on SwiftKey Technology.

Latest Insider Preview brings SwiftKey technology on default keyboard, adds more changes to Windows

Other than the SwiftKey thing, the following are the new features:

  • SwiftKey gives you more accurate autocorrections and predictions by learning your writing style. It’s available for Android and iOS. Starting with today’s build SwiftKey will now power the typing experience on Windows when using the touch keyboard.
  • Beginning with this build, we’re making it easier than ever to automate testing in Microsoft Edge using WebDriver. First, we’ve made WebDriver a Windows Feature on Demand, so you no longer need to match the build/branch/flavor manually when installing WebDriver. When you take new Windows 10 updates, your WebDriver binary will be automatically updated to match.
  • We’re now rolling out more functionality to the RS5 Game bar. In this flight are the following new features: Audio controls which let you change your default audio output device and mute or adjust the volume of games and apps running. And Performance visualizations which let you see your game’s framerate (FPS), CPU usage, GPU VRAM usage, and system RAM usage.
  • New options are now available for Game Mode that is expected to improve the gaming experience on desktop PCs. Gamers on PCs with many background processes may also see performance improvements when they toggle “Dedicate resources” in the Game bar.
  • Find software downloads faster in Search! Continuing our theme of improving the search preview experience, we’re rolling out an update to make it easier to find official download pages for Windows software you want to install. The team is continuing to develop this experience and more is coming.

Improvements to Ease Of Access.

  •  We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to announce that the ability to increase text size across the system is back and better than ever! When you go to Settings > Ease of Access > Display in today’s build, you’ll find a new setting called “Make everything bigger” – this slider will adjust text across the system, win32 apps, and UWP apps.
  • The narrator now ships with a new keyboard layout that is designed to be more familiar to screen reader users.

……and many others.

There are several other changes. Also, there are some known issues in the build as well. You can read about it here

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