Netflix will add games to its streaming services


Netflix will add games to its streaming services:- Netflix is a popular streaming service around the world. It has a vast category of contents you can watch. But what if your subscription includes games too? Yes, you read it correctly. Pretty soon, you will enjoy games on the streaming service.

Minecraft: Story Mode will be the first game on Netflix.

Recently, according to TechRadar‘s report, [the] firm is working with TellTale Games to create a special edition of Minecraft: Story Mode, for people to play on their subscription.

According to Android Authority, the gameplay will be similar to the movie Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale.  In this show, a player has to take certain decisions. The design will define the future of the game. That kind of gameplay we can see in several games like Until Dawn and God Of War.

However, the game will be completely different from the movie.

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As per TechRadar:

When asked what a final product might look like, sources pointed to the Amazon Fire TV platform – an ecosystem in which you can find a number of Telltale Games series like Minecraft: Story Mode, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – and which only requires that viewers have a remote in hand

The Netflix version of Minecraft: Story Mode will be available to ply later this year.

Is gaming service suitable for Netflix or should be left to dedicated gaming services like Steam or Origin?

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