Samsung and LG Will Make All-Screen, Bezel-less Phones Commercially Popular Soon!


After Vivo finally achieved the breakthrough in developing a smartphone with no bezels and a full screen display, Samsung and LG also might’ve come up with their own solutions.

Techradar reported that Samsung Display and LG Display have developed sound-emitting screens that would remove the requirement of a front-facing speaker. So there’s no need of the area where speaker/s are placed.

An industry official quoted by Etnews said Samsung and LG are aiming to commercialize the technology by early next year, which could make it available for their 2019 flagships.

Perhaps the pop up camera isn’t a permanent solution for our bezel-less dreams. And we don’t have the technology to fit a camera beneath a display yet. But nobody said that’s impossible! And maybe some day we would be smiling at our bezel-less phone making wars.

Samsung would also deploy this feature on the Galaxy S10 or LG would do the same with their G8. But as for now, the bezel-less full screen display crown goes to the Vivo Nex!

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