Next Huawei flagship will have Samsung’s OLED panels


Your next Huawei Flagship will have Samsung’s OLED panels:-  A tablet is a device which when exceeding 6inch mark, will officially be a tablet. Till date, no Smartphone manufacturer has made a display more than  6-inch. However, according to a report from South Korea suggests that Samsung is making one.  This exclusive panel will be a kind of its own, which is for Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Reaching such point is possible for Samsung since the company was first to bring a tablet. It is said that Huawei will use these panels in the upcoming flagship, Huawei Mate 20.

Huawei to use Samsung’s OLED panels in its next flagship.

Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of AMOLED panels. Samsung uses these panels on their TV and smartphones. However, many manufacturer orders display from Samsung to use them on their device. Samsung OLED panels are quite popular around the globe. Even Selfie Centric Smartphone Manufacturer ordered curved OLED panels from Samsung.

However, according to the reports, Huawei has opted for flat panels. The technical specifications aren’t out yet, as they are under development. If the deal happens to be true, Huawei will be the first smartphone manufacturer to bring 7-inch display to flagship smartphone.

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Samsung may bring out a larger display on its Galaxy Note 9 with a massive 6.38-inch display, this year. Even Apple can hit a massive 6.5-inch on its next-generation iPhone.

Samsung might start providing the massive OLED panels to Huawei by the end of third quarter.

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