Intel’s limited edition processor to comemmorate 8086


Intel i7-8086K is a limited edition Processor from Intel:-  The Company’s first microprocessor to support x86 architecture was 8086 microprocessor.  After its success in the computer market, the company decided to launch more and more processors in the market. Now its the time for new i-series processors. Since its initial launch, the i-series processor has made a firm base in the computer universe. So, to mark the 40th birthday of 8086 microprocessor, the company introduced i7-8086K Anniversary Edition. This processor can go up to 5.0GHz in a single core!

Intel i7 Anniversary Edition processor can reach 7GHz!

The company launched the processor at Computex 2018 at Taipei. The processor can reach up to the 5GHz single core! However, a Youtuber called Roman Hartung (Der8auer) overclocked the processor, making it reach a freaking 7.24GHz! Can you just imagine that? Gaming will be at Ultra level, given you already have a GTX1080 with highest RAM configuration!

Watch the video on their own Youtube Channel!

It seems the Roman Youtuber uses Liquid Nitrogen to cool down the processor while overclocking it.

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In their video they said:

I’m pretty sure we could break the record of seven point three gigahertz which we previously achieved with the 8700K but overall I would say that the 8086 K is basically just a good pretest 8700K and that goes for both liquid nitrogen and also air or water cooling

Also, in a press conference, Intel said:

The 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8086K processor celebrates Intel’s introduction of the first processor in the x86 series and the first 8086 microprocessor. Introduced on June 8, 1978, the original 8086 was the first 16-bit processor and the first processor capable of modern personal computing


The processor consists of 6-core, 12-threads, capable of delivering 4.0GHz in a single core, with TurboBoost up to 5GHz. It is an 1151-pin package, is able to handle x64-bit instructions.

*just a powerful processor. Wish I could get it for freeeeeeeeeee with GTX1080 11GB, and 64GB RAM configuration based pc for free ……….well,  ;-*

The processor will be available to purchase Starting from 8th June 2018 PDT 12:01 AM.

Please note 8086K means :

  1.  8086:  the company’s first processor
  2. K: OverClockable