Samsung Announces New Galaxy J3 and J7 with Improved Optics and Processor

Samsung just announced the newest editions of their J3 and J7 smartphones. Both of these phones are budget devices with good design and specs.
Samsung said that the phones have a ‘HD’ display, perhaps a 720p one and also said that batteries are long-lasting and that the processor is powerful. We are not quite sure about the exact specs because Samsung wasn’t transparent on telling them.
But Samsung did tell us one thing clearly, the cameras.  This year’s J3 has 5- and 8-megapixel shooters on the front and back, respectively, compared to last year’s 2- and 5-megapixel sensors; the new J7 sports 13-megapixel cameras on both sides, similarly improved over 2017’s J7, which had the same cameras as this year’s J3.

Samsung said that the phones will go on sale “through select retail and carrier partners starting in early June and throughout the summer.” Samsung didn’t mention a price for either device. But they’ll be around the same price as last year’s J3 ($150) and J7 ($220).
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