How Apple Won the Smartphone Race at WWDC 2018

How do I think Apple won the smartphone race at WWDC this year?


How did they win?

In my opinion Apple won the smartphone race because of one very important detail in IOS 12, support for the iPhone 5s and other products released in that generation of devices. This will mark fourth operating system update to this device since it was released in 2013. All iPhones prior to this would only get 3 major operating system updates keeping them updated and secure for 4 years. Given Apple follows the same trend of giving this device all the 12.X updates this phone will have support for 5 full years.

Why is this important?

I feel that an important part of making a device is supporting it and insuring the user has the best experience with the phone for the longest time possible. Apple has garnered a lot of criticism over the past few years for slowing down phones over their lifespan with each update. With iOS 12 Apple said it would be working on ensuring the device performs better than it did with iOS 11. Apple making this bold claim is impressive, especially considering how old the phones are they’re updating. The claims are 40 to 70% improvements in certain tasks. These are bold claims and even a 40% improvement for the 5s would be a huge deal to those still using the antiquated phone.

What does this mean for Android and other smartphones?

Developers need to step it up in how long they keep their phones updated. Most Google phones are supported with 2 years of major software updates with the possibility of security updates for a year after that. If you’re buying a mid range or low end phone expect far less support. With the announcement of the Pixel 2 line Google announced they would provide that line of smartphone with 3 years of major software updates and security updates. This only just met Apple’s previous 3 guaranteed major software updates for its devices. Now Apple is giving the 5s a fourth major software revision to to mention the possibility of increased performance. Google and its OEMs really need to step it up in the amount of updates and the quality of updates its giving to its devices. Apple needs to keep this trend going as well. With the amount we’re spending on our phones and the internals being put into devices we deserve at least what Apple is giving the 5s.

What do you all think? Do you think these developments are as big as I think so or do you think it’s not that big of a deal because smartphone manufacturers should have done this from the beginning? Let me know in the comments below!