WWDC 2018 : Top iOS 12 Features!


WWDC 2018 was all about improving performance and eliminating bugs instead of focusing in new features. With iOS 12 comes major improvements. “For iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance,” said software VP Craig Federighi.

Screen Time, Memoji, Group FaceTime, and grouped notifications are just some of the new things that you’ll notice when you install iOS 12 this fall (or sooner if you join the beta coming later this month). The update will be available on all the same devices that received iOS 11.

iOS 12, Faster than ever

Instead of boosting up performance of new iPhone devices which already have powerful ships under the hood, Apple decided to make older iPhones and iPads faster. Federighi said that in Apple’s tests on an iPhone 6 Plus, apps launch 40 percent faster, the system keyboard comes up 50 percent faster, and opening the camera is 70 percent faster. The company is also focused on times when devices are under heavy load; iPhones and iPads will now be better than ever at delivering optimal performance while also prolonging battery life.

Screen Time, to make you use your iPhone a little less

Just like Android P, even iOS 12 emphasizes users to maintain a balance between gadgets and life. A new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 will detail how much time you’re spending on your device and using individual apps. It can break down app usage by category (games, social media, etc.) and track which apps are sending you the most notifications. Screen Time will provide a weekly summary of your usage habits.

Grouped Notification, FINALLY!

After a lot of criticism upon how iOS 11 and previous generations handled notifications, Apple finally decided to arrange them systematically.

Grouped notifications show up in a stack to give you a sense of how many are waiting for you. Apple is also giving users more authority over which apps are allowed to send notifications that vibrate their phone. “Quiet” notifications will show up in Notification Center, but not on your lock screen. They also won’t make sounds or interrupt you in any way.

Animoji with tongue detection + Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-rex!

Animoji is expanded this year adding some new characters like ghost, koala, tiger and T-rex. Starting with iOS 12,
Animoji will be able to detect when you’re sticking out your tongue and mimic that.

Memoji : An Emoji that looks like you!

Just like Samsung’s AR Emoji, Apple’s Memoji helps you create your own character which decides your appearance, skin color hairstyle and outfits.

Group Facetime : Supports upto 32 People Simultaneously!!!

Yeah that sounds a bit crazy but Apple actually added this feature in Facetime. Group FaceTime will be supported across iOS and macOS. When multiple people are on a call, their video windows will get larger when they’re speaking and shrink when they’re not. And for conversations where your face feels a little boring, you’ll be able to use Animoji and Memoji characters during calls. (LOL!)

ARKit 2

Apple is trying to own the conversation around augmented reality and establish iOS as the platform that’s leading breakthroughs for the unique, mixed world experiences that AR makes possible. The company is updating its ARKit framework and giving developers the ability to create shared experiences; two users on different iPhones can see the same thing when running the same app.

Photos : Suggestions, Memories and more

The Photos App in iOS 12 will automatically offer you suggestions. A new ‘For You’ tab will suggest effects like loop which you might want to add to your live photos. Friends who receive photos are prompted to share back their own pics and video from the same event. A lot of these new features are a clear attempt by Apple to catch up to Google Photos.

Siri : Shortcuts

Apple is allowing devs to integrate Siri into their apps. Third-party apps can build shortcuts to allow Siri to carry out popular quick actions. Apple demonstrated a simple “Hey Siri, I lost my keys” as an example of a shortcut built for the Tile tracking device.

CarPlay is getting Google Maps and Waze

Apple announced that its in-car platform CarPlay will add support for two of the most popular turn-by-turn navigation apps — Google Maps and Waze — after the launch of iOS 12.

Those were the Top Features of iOS 12. Keep following us for more updates.