A huge update rolling out to Microsoft Sway for Apple devices


Microsoft Sway, one of the most popular Microsoft app for iOS devices, was updated recently with a huge update, claimed to the biggest of all by Microsoft. The update as we see does add a lot of new features and improvements, most of them focused on app usability.

Sway is a part of Office suite that Microsoft offers both online on the web as well as offline in form of apps. The app is best used for creating and editing presentations on the fly. Currently, the app is only available for iOS and Windows 10 devices, while Android version of the app is still in development.

Here’s the full changelog via Official blog:

Effortlessly switch between Edit and Preview

With the latest release of Sway for iOS, we added a toggle between Edit and Preview at the top of the screen—making switching between editing your Sway content and previewing your Sway design a breeze. In Edit, you can add and reorganize media and text. In Preview, you can see your Sway as others will see it, as well as change the Design to fit your personal style.

In addition, we redesigned the Edit mode in the app to have a simple look with an all-white canvas. This simple look showcases your media and text allowing you to take delight in seeing your masterpiece come to life.

Switching between Edit and Preview


Drag-and-drop to group

Use your touch screen to drag-and-drop one image on top of another image to create a group. From there, you can change the Group Type and immediately see how your content will be laid out on the canvas with new-and-improved animations for groups. Simply tap the group and flip through the options. A Stack looks like a stack of images; a Comparison looks like a comparison between images; a Grid looks like a grid; and a Slideshow looks like a slideshow. If it sounds easy, that’s because it is!

Grouping images together

Tap to resize content and add captions

To change the size of an image, you can tap and switch between Subtle, Moderate, and Intense. As you do so, you can see the size of your image change on the canvas. To delete an image or add a caption, simply tap Delete or Edit.


Edit text from above the keyboard

Now, you can edit your text from right above the keyboard. To change text to a Block Quote, tap the button that looks like a quotation mark. With block quotes, you can highlight important text to make it really stand out.

You can press E to Emphasize your text, which makes it bold. You can also add Bullets, Numbered Lists, and Hyperlinks.

This new update is only for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). If you wish to download the app, you can follow the app store link below and install it. Microsoft is also asking for feedback and suggestions, which you can post here.

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