Is This how Google Pixel 3 will look like?


Even though we’re several months away from the launch of Google’s own flagship, the Pixel 3/XL , we have some fresh leaks about how Google has designed this year’s phones.

Today, some tempered glass screen protectors have leaked out which show significant details about the upcoming two smartphones


As you can see in the above image, the Google Pixel 2 seems to have less bezels when compared to last year’s Pixel 2. The design is based on Google’s philosophy to release two smartphones with different sizes but having almost same specs except the screen size.

Unlike it’s smaller brother, the Pixel 3XL does have a notch. And it’s no surprise as Google already implemented Notch support on Android P. Currently in its Beta stage, Android P is available on dozens of devices with a variety of Developer Options to design their apps along with Notch compatibility.

It’s possible that the phone has a facial recognition sensor or perhaps, a dual front camera setup, which you can see as a cutout in the screen protector.

The notch got mixed reaction from the public, when it first commercially appeared on the iPhone X (and also the Essential Phone but that wasn’t a worldwide release..) and maybe that’s the reason Google is launching two phones one with the notch and the other simply without it.

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