Next Year’s iPhone to have Triple Lens?


Apple has done a major hardware upgrade between two years since last decade and after the iPhone X, the 2019 iPhone could be the one with a major design change.

Citing a research note from Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu, Economic Daily News claims that the 2019 flagship iPhone will be the first from Apple to feature a triple-lens camera, similar to the well-reviewed Huawei P20 Pro.

According to a translation of the report from MacRumors, Lu suggests the triple-lens camera will enable advanced 3D sensing on the 2019 iPhone with stereoscopic vision. Two sensors will capture images of an object from two different angles. Then, using triangulation, the distance between the phone and the object can be determined.

The report also indicates that next year’s iPhone could have a 3D sensing apparatus on the rear (like the TrueDepth sensor on the front of the iPhone X) that will be used for augmented reality.

With a long-focus lens, the 2019 model could be the first iPhone with 3x optical zoom. This would allow iPhone owners to zoom up to 3 times without any significant reduction in image quality. For comparison’s sake, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus max out at 2x optical zoom, so this would be a significant upgrade.