LG V35 Spotted on the Wireless Power Consortium Database.


LG is launching refreshed version of their phones since last year, namely the V30S ThinQ which was nothing but a V30 with more RAM and some AI Camera Features.

The company then threw the ThinQ branding on the V30 (and even the Canadian G6, though that seems to have been reversed). Now, because one minor revision of the V30 wasn’t enough, the upcoming LG V35 (which will presumably carry ThinQ branding) has shown up on the Wireless Power Consortium’s site.

PSA: That “live image” of the LG V35 (Emma) comes from the Wireless Power Consortium database, which has nearly a dozen variants listed. pic.twitter.com/rp3G061LW0
— Evan Blass (@evleaks) May 24, 2018

The V30 already had Qi Wireless Charging so the V35 Showing up at WPC’s website doesn’t really make it surprising. And also, the front of the V35 (LM-V250EM) matches that of the V30.

We already know that the V35 aas leaked as AT&T’s next LG flagship. AT&T previously described the unknown LG device as a “different, exclusive” phone, and the information we’re seeing here lines up with that.

We hope the the LG V35 is not a refreshed version of last year’s phone and that LG’s R&D team us actually working to develop new features which will differentiate it from the other flagships.